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Espo’s Wall Ball Workout

Coach Espo is one of the best stickwork coaches on the planet. Here is a free wall ball workout to enjoy at home and use as you please.

Back of the stick training is one of her favorite tools and once you try it you will see why- it reaps tremendous rewards for ball control.

Happy practicing!

From Coach Espo:

1. Okay so this is the advanced one...

I alwayssss do this one on repeat. Good for reps and fun. They can start on front of their stick then move to back of stick if it’s too easy!


-regular pass & catch

-offside catch

-around the world

-behind the back


— back to the top

*start slow & on front of stick, build up speed, see how many you can get in a row w/o dropping then move to back of stick*

Doesn’t matter if BTB or ATW is first

2. Basic stick work that everyone should be doing to keep fresh...

1. Back of stick quick sticks

2. Back of stick switches

3. Back of stick fake high

4. Back of stick across face cradle

5. Back of stick across the body cradle

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