Home Workout # 1

Hey everyone!

Such a crazy time we are all in, and I know so many of us are struggling in different ways. In an effort to bring some positivity and encouragement to all of you, I am posting our first LOMO LAX Home Workout Video. In this unprecedented time of so much uncertainty, it can be very helpful to each of us personally to keep active where we can (socially distanced of course) and stick to a routine as much as possible.

This basic drill that you will see below in the videos is an important supplement for you to add to your wall ball and stick workouts through the upcoming weeks. While we are home and socially distancing ourselves from our teammates, let's get determined to make the best of this time and not let it go to waste in the ways that we can make the most use of being home for extended time. As you head into your practice for the day, remember, the more reps you can get in, the right way ....the more you practice, the further ahead you will be once we are all back on the field together again.

If you would like to--- video yourselves doing this drill, upload to instagram and tag us @lomolax_yellowjackets #timeandroom ... I will check out your form and positioning and send you back some feedback directly.

Happy practicing!

Time and Room Shooting

Video Part 1:

Video Part 2:

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