Espo’s Wall Ball Workout

Coach Espo is one of the best stickwork coaches on the planet. Here is a free wall ball workout to enjoy at home and use as you please.

Back of the stick training is one of her favorite tools and once you try it you will see why- it reaps tremendous rewards for ball control.

Happy practicing!

From Coach Espo:

1. Okay so this is the advanced one...

I alwayssss do this one on repeat. Good for reps and fun. They can start on front of their stick then move to back of stick if it’s too easy!


-regular pass & catch

-offside catch

-around the world

-behind the back


— back to the top

*start slow & on front of stick, build up speed, see how many you can get in a row w/o dropping then move to back of stick*

Doesn’t matter if BTB or ATW is first

2. Basic stick work that everyone should be doing to keep fresh...

1. Back of stick quick sticks

2. Back of stick switches

3. Back of stick fake high

4. Back of stick across face cradle

5. Back of stick across the body cradle


Hey everyone!

I'm really missing lax season if you can't tell... here goes another post...

As we are all homebound, and I am sure many of us are bored and needing something else to hold onto, I have been bookmarking my favorite YouTube lax videos by top coaches that I find to be the absolute best—to pass on to all of my players who are work horses and thirsting for more.

When I say I have been searching for the best, I mean BEST in terms of most informative, most effective drills, best advice for training as well as least boring to watch and of course from the most credible of sources…

50-50 balls-- of course one of the most important categories of the game-- the Draw can arguably and be even at the very top within that category in terms of value especially if you are playing a team that doesn’t turn the ball over. Having a player on your team who is a draw specialist, committed to learning draw strategy and dedicated to extra training on the draw is INVALUABLE for a team.

For those of you who take the draw or aspire to…here are some of the best of the best for your COVID-19 viewing pleasure.

Stay safe everyone, sending love,



Video 1:

Shelby Fredericks

•Northwestern's all-time leader in draw controls with 496

•Single-season record holder with 165 draw controls during her junior campaign

She has a DIG on the draw that she teaches that blows my mind. Pretty sure she talked about learning a lot of her stuff while training with Danielle Spencer (previous coach at Dartmouth, now the Stanford Coach, who was an assistant at NW while Fredericks played there) who is absolutely a rock star.

Shelby not only has the cred as a player to teach the draw but is terrific as a communicator. You can also grab some of her cool training tips ie. sit-ups with her lax stick for wrist strength that are genius if you ask me.

Totally worth the watch.


Video 2 and 3:

Dana Dobbie

Dana is a coach at Loyola for their Womens Lacrosse Team with Jen Adams. She is one of my favorite players ever as well.

In her college career at Maryland set the NCAA single-season record for draw controls with 126 during the 2008 season.

Her videos below are super informative at both a basic and higher level and well worth the watch. Enjoy!


Video 4: Taylor Cummings

Career @ University of Maryland

: First-ever three-time Tewaaraton Award winner for either men or women ... Maryland's all-time draw controls leader (509) ... ranks third in career goals (229), ninth in assists (94) and second in points (323) ... in 2016, set the Maryland single-season record in draw controls (114) and caused turnovers (52).

She has player credit and is a terrific coach. This is one of the best videos for practicing on your own (and especially perfect for our situation today while we are home and social distancing ourselves).

Hope you enjoy and happy learning and practicing!



Hey everyone!

Such a crazy time we are all in, and I know so many of us are struggling in different ways. In an effort to bring some positivity and encouragement to all of you, I am posting our first LOMO LAX Home Workout Video. In this unprecedented time of so much uncertainty, it can be very helpful to each of us personally to keep active where we can (socially distanced of course) and stick to a routine as much as possible.

This basic drill that you will see below in the videos is an important supplement for you to add to your wall ball and stick workouts through the upcoming weeks. While we are home and socially distancing ourselves from our teammates, let's get determined to make the best of this time and not let it go to waste in the ways that we can make the most use of being home for extended time. As you head into your practice for the day, remember, the more reps you can get in, the right way ....the more you practice, the further ahead you will be once we are all back on the field together again.

If you would like to--- video yourselves doing this drill, upload to instagram and tag us @lomolax_yellowjackets #timeandroom ... I will check out your form and positioning and send you back some feedback directly.

Happy practicing!

Time and Room Shooting

Video Part 1:

Video Part 2: